Riveting personal accounts from the epicentre of three seminal hip movements across two decades from the fall of the Berlin Wall are woven into an intricate and compelling analysis of what it means to be über cool.

An essential read for marketers wishing to stay at the vanguard, a seminal textbook for students in marketing, media and fashion courses and an enlightening story for anyone with interest in the phenomena at the heart of contemporary culture. 
First to Know
'A must-read.'
Antal Adam, Global Head of Corporate Communications, Dr.Hauschka Skin Care

'A must-read.'
Time Out

'Sure to become a reference in years to come.'
Jerry Bouthier, DJ (Vivienne Westwood, Kitsuné, Ponystep / BoomBox)

'Highly recommended.'
Sasha Savic, CEO, MediaCom USA

Dazed and Confused

'Essential read.'
Rough Trade