Dr Lida Hujić is a consultant operating in the area of insight/innovation/strategy. At the same time, she’s at the epicentre of impactful grassroots movements that shape global trends. Her USP involves tapping into alpha trend-setter, opinion former and early adopter networks, of which she is herself part, and translating this frontier knowledge into a relevant and actionable language for businesses to unleash their growth potential. Alternatively, it is to enable brands to access these highly desirable yet elusive populations for their communication strategies (via curated events). The First to Know (How Hipsters and Mavericks Shape the Zeitgeist), which goes some way to shedding a light on this rare combination is Lida's first book.

Her second book is The 2.5% (Small Group, Big Influence)

Described by the Guardian newspaper as "really hip", Lida is regularly solicited for expert opinion at conferences, in the (brand marketing/ communication) trade press, broadsheets and magazines or as a guest-contributor. Equally, she is featured as a "trend-setter" in taste making publications and TV shows, including the prestigious style guide La Mode La Mode La Mode on Paris Première.

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